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A        W        T        U        H        Te        N
Number Of States Visited:  45

    I love to travel!  Since I was a youngster, my family traveled frequently both domestically and internationally.  As an adult, I am fortunate to work for an European company which gives me over a month of vacation each year plus US Holidays so I have plenty of time to holiday all over the country and the world!  Here is a small collection of my travel pictures.  I currently hold VIP status with many airline and hotel loyalty programs including Diamond Status with Hilton HHonors because of my extensive travel for both business and pleasure.

    Let's start exploring my destinations by looking at my domestic travel pictures.  I have them broken down by geographical areas, and although I do not a picture from every place I have been in this vast country of ours on this website, I did put the states that I have been to within that geographic area.  We can start up in New England with my "wicked good" pictures.


Man Of The Mountain          Newport, Rhode Island          Bunker Hill Monument Small          MV         Plymouth Rock          MT
New Hampshire    |    Newport, RI    |    Boston, MA    |    Martha's Vineyard, MA    |    Plymouth Rock, MA    |    Hartford, CT

    Now, let us take a "Nor'Easter" and move into the North Eastern part of our great nation.

Liberty Bell          NYC          Atlantic City          W          N

Philadelphia, PA    |    New York City, NY    |    Atlantic City, NJ    |    Washington, DC   |   Niagara Falls, NY (and Ontario)

    Chicago Deep Dish Pizza anyone?  Let's move into the Great Lakes region.

CT       M       D       S       M       U       G
Chicago, IL    |    Milwaukee, WI    |    South Bend, IN (Notre Dame)   |   Sea World of Ohio (Aurora)   |   Mackinac Island, MI   |   Upper Peninsula, MI   |   Grand Rapids, MI

    M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E....Mickey Mouse.  Y'all know the song.  How about we go visit the home of Disney World and get some work on our tans down in the Sunshine State?

Hooter Thumbnail Image          Busch Garden Thumb Nail Image          SF        K          Sarasota         Marco
Orlando    |    Tampa & Clearwater    |    Ft.Lauderdale & Miami    |    Florida Keys   |   Sarasota    |    Ft. Myers-Naples-Marco Island

    Howdy!  Everything is bigger in Texas even my travel memories!  Texas is my favorite state in the union!  Let's Go Cowboys!  OK, time to go visit my former home state as well.

SF          H          A          SA          G          ELP          RG          Mineral
Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex   |   Houston   |   Austin   |   San Antonio   |   Galveston   |   El Paso/Juarez (Mex)    |    Rio Grande Valley (South Padre Island)    |    Mineral Wells & Palo Pinto County

    Hey Y'All!  Ready for some Southern Hospitality!  I love the south!  The food is amazing, and the people are so friendly!

B          N          C          LSU          OA         Savannah         Little Rock

Kentucky Bourbon Trail & Louisville, KY    |    Nashville, TN    |    Charlotte, NC    |    Baton Rouge, LA    |    Vacherie, LA   |   Savannah, GA    |    Little Rock, AR

Atlanta          LF          NOLA          GSM          AT          G1          Hilton Head
Atlanta, GA    |    Southern Louisiana Bayou Country    |    New Orleans, LA    |    Great Smokey Mts. Nat Park    |    Asheville, NC    |     Greenville, SC   |   Hilton Head, SC

    Ready to party!  How about we head down to Vegas?  I love Vegas, and I have been there so many times that I lost count of the exact number.  I posted some pictures of the rooms & suites from a few of the hotels on the strips.

Fremont Street Experience Thumb Nail Image         Mirage          CC          Venetian         South
Fremont Street Experience (Downtown LV)    |    Treasure Island & Mirage    |    Bellagio, Paris & City Center    |    Venetian & Palazzo    |    South Strip (Mandalay Bay, Tropicana, Luxor, MGM Grand, Park MGM, & NY NY)

RW         Red Rock Canyon          P         TT          L
Trump & Resorts World (Wynn & Encore Too)    |    Red Rock Canyon   | Vegas Rooms & Suites On The Strip   |   Tonopah, NV   |   Laughlin, NV

    The Land Of Enchantment is what New Mexico is called.  Arizona and Utah are home to some of the best national parks in the country as well.  Let's get on Route 66 and explore the natural beauty of the Southwest.

Arizona          GC          Bryce         A         ST          ST          Las Cruces  
Meteor Crater, AZ    |    Grand Canyon, AZ    |    Bryce Canyon, UT    |    Arches National Park, UT    |    Salt Lake City & Park City, UT    |    Sedona, AZ   |   Las Cruces, NM

Tempe          PF          Z          LH          NM         Tombstone          W
Phoenix, AZ    |    Petrified National Forest, AZ    |    St. George & Zion National Park, UT    |    Lake Havasu City, AZ    |    Albuquerque & Santa Fe, NM   |   Tombstone, AZ   |   White Sands National Park, NM

    California is a very LARGE state, and there are lots of things to see.  I think I have pretty much seen most of it all here.  Grab an energy drink or two, it is a long drive down the I-5 from the Oregon border to San Diego.


  Universal Studios Thumb Nail Image          Napa          Redwoods Thumb Nail Image          Salt Point Thumb Nail Image          CV          A       
Los Angeles & Vicinity    |    Napa Valley & Sonoma Wine Country    |    Redwood Trees    |    Salt Point (Sonoma Coast)    |    Central Valley   |    Avalon, Catalina Island

  San Diego Zoo Thumb Nail Image          PS          JT          SF          CC          S
San Diego    |    Palm Springs    |    Joshua Tree National Monument    |    San Francisco & Bay Area   |    Central CA Coast & Hearst Castle   |   Santa Barbara & Santa Ynez Wine Country

    A drive up the Oregon coast is very scenic and beautiful.  We can stop in Coos Bay to explore a nice small town or even ride some ATVs in the Oregon Dunes. Once we get to Portland, we can grab a box of Voodoo Donuts.

Space Needle Thumb Nail Image          Portland          Oregon Coast          Crater Lake          S1          M
Seattle-Tacoma, WA    |    Portland, OR & Vicinity    |    Oregon Coast    |    Crater Lake, OR    |    Sun Valley, ID   |   McCall, ID

B          Boise          G          S1          M          CDA1
Bend, OR    |    Boise, ID    |    Glacier National Park, MT    |    San Juan Islands, WA   |    Mt. Rainer, WA   |   Coeur d'Alene, ID

    The Rocky Mountains are a sight to behold, and the mile high air up in Denver is not as bad as people say.  Wyoming is home to "Old Faithful" in Yellowstone National Park and other natural beauty.


Yellowstone          Grand Teton       C        F
Yellowstone National Park, WY    |    Jackson Lake, WY    |    Cheyenne, WY    |    Ft. Laramie, WY       

Denver          Breckenridge       Glenwood Springs        T
Denver/Golden, CO    |    Breckenridge & Vail, CO   |   Glenwood Springs, CO    |    Telluride, CO

    Let's put some of that midwest work ethnic into action as we hike all over the beautiful trails and explore some of the monuments from that old computer game, "Oregon Trail."


T       M       CR       MR       BL       Branson
St. Louis, MO    |    Muskogee, OK    |    Chimney Rock, NE    |    Mt. Rushmore, SD    |    Badlands National Park, SD    |    Branson, MO

    Both South Lake Tahoe and the northern side of the lake are amazing, but the "biggest little city" in the world, Reno, has lots of fun things to do.


Virginia City          T          Reno          S
Virginia City, NV    |   South Lake Tahoe Area    |    Reno, NV    |    Squaw Valley, CA

    Head north to Alaska, and be prepared for sunlight until midnight in some areas.  Don't be fooled and get some shut eye as one needs their energy to explore this beautiful state.


AK          Denali          Mt. McKinley
Prince William Sound    |    Denali National Park    |    Mt. McKinley

    Aloha from the beautiful state of Hawaii.  I have explored two of the islands there, and I am still willing to go back to see the rest.

Hawaii Thumb Nail Image           Oahu         Maui        Kauai
Big Island Of Hawaii   |   Oahu    |    Maui    |    Kauai

Domestic or International, the Premium Cabin is the way to travel!

Always remember to preorder meals when flying in the premium cabin also!
Number of Countries Visited:  29 + 4 Territories (Aruba/Hong Kong/Macau/Turks & Caicos Islands)
(Bahamas, Belize, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Ireland, Barbados, Panama, Singapore, Colombia, Peru, Portugal, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom incl. England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland)

Junior Jetter Anirban Roy en route to Copenhagen, Denmark from New York JFK International Airport on Scandanavian Airlines (SAS).  One can see the old DC-10 SAS aircraft in the distance.  I am wearing a set of airline wings also on my shirt.

Canada        V        VT        C        BT

Thousand Islands/Quebec City, Quebec    |    Vancouver & Whistler British Columbia    |    Victoria, British Columbia    |    Calgary, Alberta    |    Banff National Park-Lake Louise, Alberta

SNB        A        Fundy        PEI        HT
Saint John, New Brunswick   |   St. Andrews, New Brunswick   |   Bay of Fundy   |   Prince Edward Island   |   Halifax, Nova Scotia

Delta has the best first class service of any of our domestic carriers in my opinion.  I took them to Canada on my trip to our neighboring land to the north in 2019.

Aruba      Kolkata Thumb Nail Image        Thailand        CIThumb        Tulum
Aruba    |    Kolkata, India    |    Bangkok, Thailand    |     Chichen Itza, Mexico   |   Tulum, Mexico

Cozumel Thumb        Cancun Thumb        Cabo Sign        PVM        L
Cozumel, Mexico    |    Cancun, Mexico    |    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico    |    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico   |   London, England

Having Hilton HHonors Diamond Status is great, but it goes farther overseas where Hilton properties go out of their way to welcome Diamond guests with gifts or specialty snacks and baked goods.

Windsor        Stonehenge        Paris        Edinbourgh        N
Windsor Castle, England    |    Stonehenge, England    |    Paris, France    |    Edinbourgh, Scotland   |   Nassau, The Bahamas

S1        Z        D1        C1        P
Singapore    |    Zagreb, Croatia    |    Dubrovnik, Croatia    |    Croatian Islands of Hvar & Brac & Makarska Riveria   |   Pocitelj, BIH

One of my worst experiences in the first class cabin was on US Airways.  Luckily, USAir merged with American and went away.  One would expect a full meal service on a four hour flight in the premium cabin. but we just got "premium" snacks.  LOL.

 M        M1        D1        TM        J
Mostar, BIH    |    Munich, Germany    |    Dubai (UAE)    |    Taj Mahal (Agra, India)   |   Jaipur, India

D1        CR        HK        M        T
Delhi, India    |    Costa Rica    |    Hong Kong    |    Macau   |   Tokyo, Japan

I took the Shinkansen "Bullet" Train all over the island of Honshu in Japan.  The maximum speed of this train is about 200 mph.  It is a fun experience!

 K1         Hiroshima         S        S        A
Kyoto, Japan    |    Hiroshima, Japan    |    Seoul, South Korea    |    Guanajuato & San Miguel de Allende, Mexico   | Ambergris Caye, Belize

C        L        B1        D        C
Caye Caulker, Belize    |    Lamanai, Belize    |    Belfast, Northern Ireland    |    Dublin, Ireland   | Cork, Ireland

I have enjoyed all my international stays at the Waldorf Astoria properties including the location in Panama and France.  The Waldorf Astoria is Hilton's top luxury brand.  This is my room key from the property in Panama City, Panama.

S        C        A        1        Santo Domingo
Stockholm, Sweden    |    Panama City, Panama    |    Panama Canal    |    Jamaica   |   Santo Domingo, DR

 Punta Cana        1        CT        MT        L
Punta Cana, DR   |   Providenciales, Turks & Caicos   |   Cusco & Sacred Valley, Peru   |   Machu Picchu, Peru   |   Lima, Peru

Having A-List on Southwest Airlines is awesome since I get checked in ahead of others so I can board early and get my favorite window seat.  Since they fly international also, I have taken advantage of my A-List benefits overseas also.

Barbados        Lisbon        Sintra        Porto        CTG
Barbados, West Indies    |    Lisbon, Portugal    |    Cascais & Sintra, Portugal    |    Porto, Duoro River Valley, & Amarante    |    Cartagena, Colombia

Rosario Islands        Barranquilla        Santa Marta
Rosario Islands, Colombia    |    Barranquilla, Colombia    |    Santa Marta, Colombia

I recommend having a Priority Pass membership through a credit card like Chase Sapphire Reserve so one can relax in airport lounges when traveling!

    One of my favorite activities is travelling all around the country and the world.  Since I was a little boy, my family took vacations around the world.  I have been to the England, Denmark, Holland, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Canada, and India before I became a teenager.  Since then, I have also been to Mexico, Aruba, France, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sweden, Peru, Germany, Panama, Jamaica, Turks & Caicos Islands, Hong Kong, Macau, Belize, Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas too.  I have been to most of the states as well including Hawaii, Florida, and New York. During my college years, we had many fraternity "road trips" as well as other opportunities to travel.  I worked for an European pharmaceutical company from 2010 to 2021 so I got over six weeks of vacation every year!  As a result, I took full advantage and travel as much as I could.  In my current position as a Medical Specialist at a biotech leader, I get ample vacation time too!  We also get the full week between Christmas and New Year's off each year. 

    I hold VIP status with several frequent traveler programs as well from all my business travel too!  As a result, when I travel, I like to travel in style.  Whether it's flying first class or enjoying an airline club like the Delta Sky Club or United Club, I am all about traveling in comfort and enjoying my travels.  I also like to indulge in fine dining when I travel also.  I have held some of the highest statuses on airline loyalty programs including Platinum Pro on American Airlines, Sapphire on OneWorld, Silver Status On Star Alliance, and A List on Southwest Airlines.  Moreover, as an elite member of several hotel chains, I get upgraded to large suites and receive executive lounge access as well!  I have been a Hilton HHonors Diamond member since 2012.  I also have my Known Traveler ID from my Global Entry membership so I get TSA Pre-Check.  Furthermore, I have a membership in Priority Pass Select which gives me access to numerous VIP airport lounges across the world.

    What about business travel?  I travel a lot for business as well.  In fact, check out the card below that was attached to a basket of delicious custom cookies that a hotel in Truckee, CA sent me for Christmas one year since I stayed at their property every other week for years.  They would do their best to upgrade me to their nicest suites also with a jacuzzi tub in the bedroom and fireplace.  I got my Hilton Honors Diamond status from all the overnight travel I had with my current company since 2010.  Since 2016, my business travel has slowed down, but I have still been able to maintain my Diamond status with all the personal travel I do.  I enjoy traveling for business as well.  We have had large meetings at a few of the Las Vegas hotels including the Venetian and Palazzo as well as Caesar's Palace.  The company has rented out the hottest dance clubs in Las Vegas for private parties for us.  We have had meetings near Disney properties as well with events inside Disneyland.  There was even a private concert by the group O|A|R at a meeting I went to.  One of my favorite properties that we have had meetings at is the Resort at Squaw Creek in beautiful Squaw Valley, CA.  The annual kick off meetings there allowed us a chance to play broomball on the ice rink as well as do some skiing too!

The Hampton Inn in Truckee appreciated all the stays I had with them so they sent me a nice cookie basket one year for Christmas!

"Vacation" Courtesy of the Go Gos from their 1982 Album titled Vacation

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