London, England

Here's a view of the British Parliament and Big Ben from the London Eye.

This is the Tower Bridge as seen from the Thames River Cruise.

The Tower of London is where King Henry VIII imprisioned his wives for adultry.  They were later executed here also.

This is where the Royal Wedding was.  It is called St. Paul's Cathedral.

I am pictured outside Buckingham Palace.  Her Majesty was not in residence here when we visited.  She was in Scotland.

This is Trafalger Square.  You can see Big Ben off in the distance.

This is Westminister Abbey.

I am standing outside Her Majesty's Horse Guard's Parade.

This is one of the Olympic Venues from the 2012 Summer Games.  It is called North Greenwich Arena.  The gymnastics events were held here, and our Fav-5 captured the overall Team Gold here!  Go Team USA!  USA!  USA! USA!

My brother, cousin, and I are "chilling" at the London Ice Bar.  It was freezing cold in there!  The glasses were even made of ice!
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    My brother and I took an European "Holiday" in August of 2012, and we visited England, France, and Scotland.  In London, we saw just about everything including Buckingham Palace, Parliament, Big Ben, London Eye, Trafalger Square, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Horse Guard's Parade, and the Olympic venues from the 2012 Games.  We also had the pleasure of seeing our relatives that live in London.  It was fun to hang out with them and go check out places like the London Ice Bar.  We also tried some of the local cuisine including fish & chips as well as Indian food which is the national dish in England now.  We had a blast!  The weather was great too.  We got clear skies for the most part. 

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