Delhi, India

This is Humayan's Tomb in Delhi.  It is the tomb of a Mughal Emperor, and it also houses the tombs of about 100 other Mughal era people.  It was built before the Taj Mahal, and it looks very similiar to the Taj Mahal.

This is the President of India's Residence.  The President of India is appointed and a symbolic head of state.  The head of the government is the Prime Minister.

This is the B'hai Lotus Temple in Delhi.  The B'hai religion accepts the prophets of most of the major religions of the world.

This is the India Gate in New Delhi.

This is the Qutub Minar.  It was started in the 1100s.

Here are some more ruins around the Qutub Minar in Delhi.
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    Delhi is the capital of India.  Delhi's history goes back thousands of years ago.  There were Islamic sultanates that were set up starting around the 1100s.  They built a lot of the monuments around and in Delhi.  The British also influenced a lot of the architecture in Delhi too during the colonial era.  While in Delhi, I recommend dining at the Bukhara Restaurant at the ITC Maurya Hotel.  It is where the heads of state stay when they visit India.  Bukhara has served Presidents George W. Bush, Clinton, and Obama.  They also served Russian President Putin.  The chef is very famous, and the restaurant is the top rated restaurant in Asia.

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