Edinbourgh, Scotland

Here is the famous Waverly Bridge in Edinbourgh, Scotland.

Here is a person playing the bagpipes in Edinbourgh.

This is a monument in Edinbourgh.

I am pictured at Edinbourgh Castle here.

There is a famous poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson....."Cannons to the right of him, Cannons to the left of him..."
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    My brother and I flew from Paris to Edinbourgh when we were on our 2012 European Adventure.  Upon arriving in Scotland, we were greeted by the rainy weather.  It rains a lot in Scotland!  The weather did clear up in the afternoon the next day as we explored Edinbourgh.  We saw the castle first before seeing places like Holy Rood Park and the Scottish Parliament.  The Scottish people were very friendly.  Moreover, their women were very cute too.  I liked their accents.

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