Denver, Colorado

Downtown Denver

Coors Field - Home Of The Colorado Rockies MLB Team
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    I have been to Denver, Colorado twice in my life.  The first time was when I had a short layover enroute to Newark Liberty Int. Airport.  The 2nd time was when I flew into Denver to start a 1,400 mile road trip to Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, and the Rockies.  This time however I took Southwest Airlines to Denver instead of the nice first class ticket on United I had last time since it was a business trip.  LOL.  Denver International Airport is a really nice airport.  We had a brief stay in Denver before we set out for our trip.  We stayed in downtown so we were able to see Coors Field.  We ended up staying in Westminister, CO when we returned from the road trip before we set out for the Rocky Mts.

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