The ethnic food stalls in Singapore's "Little India"
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    My family went on an Asian tour in 1989, and we visited Japan, Singapore, India, and Thailand.  Singapore was a very developed and clean nation.  After flying into Singapore's Changi Airport, we were taken to the National University of Singapore's Guest House where my dad was asked to give a guest lecture.  We toured the island and saw the famous lion statue and went to Little India also.  Little India was fairly dirty compared to the rest of the city.  They had lots of ethnic food stalls where one could take in the foods from the diverse populations that make up Singapore including the Chinese, Indians, and Malays.  Fish head curry is also a big treat for people in Singapore.  We ended our trip in Singapore with dinner at a really nice restaurant by the South China Sea where the bottom floor was an aquarium filled with fresh fish and shellfish that one could order.  I remember we were served shark fin soup too, but I was not as adventurous back then!

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