Savannah, GA

This is the Confederate Monument at Forsythe Park in Savannah.  The smaller monument is dedicated to a local Confederate General.

Savannah has lots of historic homes with cool gas lamps.

The architecture in Savannah is so vintage and unique.

The historic brick homes are really neat to explore!

The cobblestone roads near the river are a nice blast from the past!

A ride on the Georgia Queen paddlewheeler is a fun way to explore the Savannah River.

River Street is along the river front and has lots of cool little shops including a place where one can buy freshly made pralines!

One must go to Leopold's for ice cream when in Savannah!  Be prepared to wait up to 45 minutes on some busy nights!
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    Savannah is a must see for history buffs who love old colonial style architecture as well as Civil War era monuments.  Forsythe Park is home to old willow trees, a cool fountain, and a Confederate Monument.  Walking around that area, one finds historic brick homes with gas lamps.  The downtown area features a vibrant night life and more historic buildings.  Be sure to get dinner at Lady & Sons, which is Paula Deen's signature restaurant.  River Street is along the Savannah River and has buildings from the colonial era.  A cruise on the Georgia Queen is a nice way to explore the banks of the Savannah River where one can find an old Confederate Fort.  To cool off from the humidity, one should go to Leopold's Ice Cream shop!

Last Updated:  June 19, 2021 10:06 AM