Hiroshima, Japan

This is the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima.  It was one of the few buildings that was still standing after the Atomic Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

This is the Peace Park in Hiroshima.

This is the famous bell they ring on the anniversaries of the bomb being dropped on Hiroshima.

We went to Miyajima Island also when we visited Hiroshima.

This is the famous torii gate over water on Miyajima Island.

Miyajima Island is not as commercial as other parts of Japan.

The pagoda on Miyajima Island was really nice.

Miyajima Island is full of deer also.
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    Hiroshima is located in the southern part of Honshu Island.  Since the Atomic Bomb was dropped there during World War II, they have lots of historical landmarks there as well as a museum to mark the event.  After visiting Hiroshima, we took the local train to a ferry which took us to Miyajima Island.  It is a magical island off the coast of Honshu that has shrines and pagodas.  It was one of my favorite places in Japan when I visited.  The famous torii gate over the water is a landmark.

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