Chicago, IL

The Chicago River winds its way down the heart of downtown Chicago.

Here's the famous "bean" sculpture at Millenium Park in Chicago.

These fountains/art work change and feature the faces of many different Chicago residents.

This is the famous Navy Pier in Chicago.

Here's the Shedd Aquarium.

Lou Malnati's Pizza is a must stop on any visit to Chicago for deep dish pizza.

Benny's Chop House is becoming a quick favorite among great Chicago Steakhouses.  I loved my foie gras and filet mignon!

Chicago Dogs are awesome!  I got mine healthy with either a turkey or bison frank!  Just don't ask for ketchup on these dogs.  Those cute girls in the front of the picture are pretty awesome too :)

Wrigley Field is a most see for all baseball fans regardless of whether or not you are a Cubs fan.

This is the Willits Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower).  It was once the tallest building in the world.

Here's a view from the Willits Tower Observation Deck!
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    In 2011, I went out to Chicago with some friends.  Prior to that visit, I had been to both airports in Chicago (O'Hare and Midway), but I had never been to the actual city itself.  Although Chicago was hot and humid in July, it was a fun place to visit.  The architecture is amazing, and the people were really friendly.  What striked me was how clean the city was compared to Los Angeles or New York!

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