Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Here is the beach overlooking the Bay of Banderas in Nuevo Vallarta near my hotel.

The beautiful sunset over the Bay of Banderas is pictured here.

Here are the mountains surrounding Puerto Vallarta.

I did ziplining for the first time on this trip to Puerto Vallarta.  We were high up in the mountains and jungles around Puerto Vallarta.

They have Toyota dealerships in Mexico too!

Pemex is the only gas station company in Mexico.  It is government owned.  They also have stores like a 7-11 called OXXO.
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    I went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2010 for a friend's wedding that I was in.  My adventure was quite an ordeal to even get to my final destination.  My plane had mechanical problems in Sacramento which made me miss my connection in Phoenix.  Then, we were diverted to Guadalajara and put on vans to get to Puerto Vallarta since the airport closed in PV because of a crash landing.  The van ride was over 4 hours and went over one of the most dangerous highways in the world!  We had celebrities with us too since Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis was getting married in PV that weekend too.  Although I was in First Class, my trip sucked!  After I got there, it was fun however.  The hotel was right on the beach, and I had a jacuzzi in my room so I just chilled for the most part.  We did go ziplining too.

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