Stockholm, Sweden

This is a picture of Gamla Stan or Old Town in Stockholm, Sweden.

The cathedral in the distance is Storyken.  It is also located in Gamla Stan.

This is another picture from Gamla Stan.  It is often used as a background for magnets or postcards for the Swedish capital city.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm is the official residence of the Swedish Monarch.  It is also one of the largest royal palaces in Europe.

The Stockholm City Hall is seen off in the distance.

I am outside Drottningholm Palace which is where the King & Queen of Sweden actually reside.

This is the view from one of the glass gondolas that take passengers up to the top of the Ericson Globe, which is the world's largest spherical building.

The VASA Museum in Stockholm covers the sunken battleship, VASA, from the 1600s.
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    Stockholm is often regarded as the most beautiful capital city in all of Europe.  After visiting the Swedish capital, I would have to agree.  Out of all the capitals that I have visited that include Paris, London, Zagreb, Dublin, and Copenhagen, I would have to say that the Swedish Capital is the most beautiful.  The city is built around islands that are at a point where a large lake meets the Baltic Sea.  The architecture is just amazing.  The people are very friendly too in Sweden.  I highly recommend putting Sweden on one's bucket list of places to go.

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