Bryce Canyon National Park, UT

Bryce Canyon is known for these rock formations called "Hoo Doos."

This is me at another vista point inside Bryce Canyon National Park.

My brother and mother are with me here as we take in the spectacular scenery at Bryce Canyon, UT.

They had an old west town replica set up in the little town by Bryce Canyon National Park.

My brother got in trouble so I put him in jail before the sheriff!  JK.
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    Bryce Canyon National Park is located in Southern Utah, and it is known for it's rock formations called "Hoo Doos."  The Hoo Doos are shown above in the picture.  Bryce Canyon is pretty secluded, and the accomodations are very rustic even at the nicest hotel in the area, Ruby's Inn.  We were very disappointed with the rooms and amenties at that hotel since we are spoiled because of my Diamond Status with Hilton Honors and get upgraded all the time to suites and deluxe rooms at any Hilton property.  There were no Hilton properties in Bryce Canyon.

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