Milwaukee, WI

Here's one of the buildings at Miller Valley, home of the Miller Brewery in Milwaukee, WI.

Miller and Coors merged to form the Miller-Coors a while back.

They give free tours of the brewery at Miller Valley.  Here is one of rooms where they brew the beer, and here is a cute "Badger (Wisconsin student)" serving as our tour guide!

The North Point Lighthouse is a nice stop on a tour of Milwaukee to great views from the top of the lighthouse.

This is the famous water tower.

I am enjoying a great beer (a cross between a Mike's Hard Lemonade and a Bud Light) at the Pabst Historic Brewery Tour.
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    In 2011, I took a day trip to Milwaukee, WI when I visited Chicago.  I wanted to explore the breweries of old Milwaukee, and I also wanted to check out Wisconsin so that would be one less state for me to visit.  After this trip, I think I only have like 6 more states to see in the US!  The brewery tour at Miller Valley was really cool.  We got to sample three different types of beer for free.  The tour guides were cute too!  I also toured the old Pabst Brewery.

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