Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota

Mt Rushmore1
This is the path leading to the viewing areas.  Each of the 50 states are represented in this walk way.

Mt Rushmore2
The Five Presidents of Mt. Rushmore - Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, Lincoln, & Roy - well I was President of my fraternity back in college if that counts!

Here is a shot of the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Custer State Park - where the buffalo roam free.

Rapid City, SD is the closest major city to Mt. Rushmore.  They are known as the City of the Presidents.  The city has these bronze statues of the Presidents throughout their downtown.  Here is a picture of me with the Reagan statue.  President Reagan was the greatest President we have had in our country.
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    The Black Hills of South Dakota are pretty amazing themselves.  In addition to being known for having gold deposits, they are also home to Mt. Rushmore.  The faces of four of our greatest leaders are carved into the granite formations at Mt. Rushmore.  President(s) Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, & Lincoln were chosen for this monument back in the 1920s.  At night, there is a lighting ceremony that showcases the faces after a tribute to each leader.  Just south of Mt. Rushmore is Custer State park.  Just like the song, "Home Of The Range," it is a place where the buffalo roam and the deer and antelope play.  We stopped to have lunch at the famous Game Lodge there.  It was the summer home of President Calvin Coolidge once, and Eisenhower stayed there too. 

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