ABQ & Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe, New Mexico is a beautiful place to visit.  The buildings are done in a pueblo style, and the weather was great when I visited.

This is the oldest church in North America.  It was built by the Spanish Missionaries.

This is the inside of the old Mission Church in Santa Fe.

Santa Fe is also known as a big center for the arts.  They have a gallery row where you can see lots of sculptures like this one of my old buddy Mark Twain.

Here's a picture of the "kiva (oven)" at the Pueblo Indian Cultural Center in Albuqurque.

I am standing next to some petroclyphs at the Petroclyphs National Monument in ABQ.

These petroclyphs were done by the local Indian tribes that lived in the ABQ area many years ago.

Here is the famous Sandia Peak Tramway in ABQ.

Route 66 went through ABQ also.  This diner had great milkshakes!
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    I had a bunch of Rapid Rewards tickets to use up on Southwest Airlines in 2011 so I decided to take a quick trip to New Mexico during Fourth of July weekend to explore the "Land of Enchantment."  I flew to Albuquerque, and then I drove out to Santa Fe.  New Mexico was a really beautiful state.  The sunsets were amazing.  Also, the storm clouds over Santa Fe made for a really scenic backdrop for the old Pueblo style architecture.  The food was great too!

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