Old Man of The Mountains in Franconia, New Hampshire


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    The State of New Hampshire was one of the original 13 colonies that became the United States.  New Hampshire's motto is "Live Free or Die," and this is seen in their views on taxation as well.  New Hampshire has no state income or sales tax.  The Old Man of the Mountain seen above was one of the state symbols of New Hampshire.  Before this landmark collapsed in 2003, I was able to go see it.  This image was choosen to represent New Hampshire in the state quarter also.  The drive up to Northern New Hampshire was really scenic.  Since I visited in the summer, I was able to experience the New England humiditiy.  I have seen most of New Hampshire including the capital city of Concord and their largest city, Manchester.  To fly into New Hampshire, there is only one real choice and that is Manchester Airport (MHT).  Southwest and United are among some of the carriers that service MHT.

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