Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Los Cabos
I am asking a local where I can buy some cerveza (beer)!  JK.  I drink margaritas when I am south of the border.

Cabo Port
Here is the harbor in Cabo San Lucas.

Water Taxi
Here's our water taxi that took us around Cabo.

Glass Bottom Boat
The water taxi had a glass bottom also to see the fish.

Pacific Window
This is called the "Pacific Window."  Waves from the Pacific crash into the bay in Cabo.

Lover's Beach
This is Lover's Beach.

This is a view of "land's end" and the "arco."

We went whale watching also in Cabo.

We are kickin back at the Office on the Beach Restaurant.  The food and drinks were great - not to mention the scenary.

We had a local band sing for us at the Office.

Cabo Wabo
This is the famous Cabo Wabo!
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    Cabo San Lucas is located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.  The Pacific Ocean is on the left side and the Sea of Cortez is on the right.  It is a desert basicly.  When we went there, it was around 80 degrees (in January), but it gets really hot in the summer months.  The beaches are not as nice as the Mexican Riveria.  We took a water taxi to go see "land's end" and the famous "arco."  We also saw the sea lion colony and lover's beach.  Moreover, we went whale watching and saw a big whale in the water.  In addition, we had lunch at the Office on the Beach.  It is a restaurant on the beach.  We also went to Cabo Wabo.

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