Chimney Rock, Nebraska

 Chimney Rock
There are lots of rattlesnakes out there however.  Luckily, I did not see one.

I was surprised to see oil derricks all over Nebraska.  Apparently, Nebraska has oil too in addition to corn.  When I saw this sign, I had to take a picture because it said Marathon Oil on it.  Funny story - when I was a little kid, I liked the TV show Dallas, and instead of wanting to be a fireman or policeman like the other kids, I wanted to own the largest independent oil company just like JR Ewing.  I would take my dad's business cards and scratch out his name and put Anirban Roy, President & CEO - Roy Oil & Gas on them and pretend that I owned an oil company.  So, one of my "pretend business deals" was to have "Roy Oil" take over Marathon Oil.  I know, I was a strange little kid growing up, but I guess I turned out OK?  Right?
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    Chimney Rock is a famous Oregon Trail landmark located in Western Nebraska.  The rock has weathered away to have a chimney like appearance at the top.  Chimney Rock is surrounded by prairies.  I ended up getting a new watch for this road trip I took in 2009 since I did not want to damage my Tag or Tissot.  I ended up getting a nice outdoors type watch that gives you compass bearings in case I got lost on the trip.

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