San Juan Islands (Washington)

The San Juan Islands are located in the Straits of San Juan de Fuca in Washington State.

This is Friday Harbor, which is the largest town in the county of San Juan.

Roche Harbor is the smaller town on San Juan Island, but it is usually closed for the winter season.

Roche Harbor had an old lime kiln too which was used to make lime from limestone.

Here is the Lime Kiln Lighthouse on the western side of San Juan Island.

There are resident orca whales around the San Juan Islands.  Here is a picture of one.
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    The San Juan Islands of Washington are a group of islands near the US-Canadian border.  The larger islands are San Juan, Orca's Island, and Lopez Island.  They are only accesible by ferry.  The islands are home to a lot of wildlife including whales.  San Juan County's largest town is Friday Harbor, which is located on San Juan Island.  The area is not as rainy as Seattle.  In fact, it was very sunny when we were there.

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