Squaw Valley, CA

Amazing view from the Resort at Squaw Creek overlooking Squaw Valley.

Snow Shoeing in Squaw Valley on a cold day!  It was my first time snow shoeing also.

Here is a shot of the golf course area that is covered in snow during the winter.  They have cross country trails over here too.

A frozen pond can be seen in this picture.  The ice is still pretty thick.

It's snowing in Squaw Valley!

Playing broomball on the ice rink at the Resort at Squaw Creek.
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    I went up to Squaw Valley in 2013 for a meeting and stayed at the beautiful Resort at Squaw Creek.  In 1960, the Winter Olympics were held in Squaw Valley, and although it does not look big enough to hold a major sporting event, the area was able to host about thirty nations during the games in 1960.  During my stay at Squaw Valley, I tried some winter sports for the first time including snow shoeing and cross country skiing.  Cross Country Skiing was pretty fun, and it was a decent work out.  Snow Shoeing was also pretty cool despite the snow and cold.  In addition, I played broomball for the first time too!

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