Oregon & Washington Coast

Astoria Column

Views from the Astoria Column

The Mouth of the Columbia River from the Oregon side - that bridge connects Oregon and Washington

Ft Columbia
Ft Columbia State Park - Washington - this was a coastal base during WWII.

Cannon Beach, Oregon - famous rocks

Cannon Beach

This is a view of the Southern Oregon coast after crossing into Oregon from California.

This is the Coquille River Light House near Bandon, Oregon.

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is a fun place to ride ATVs.  Just make sure to keep your momentum going on the sand as ATVs are harder to ride on that kind of terrain.
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    I explored the Oregon Coast in two trips.  The first time, a bunch of my friends and I took a trip to Portland, OR in March of 2009.  We decided to be adventurous and take the train from Sacramento to Portland.  The 15 hour journey began at midnight and took us through Chico, Redding, Dunsmir, Klamath Falls, Eugene, & Salem.  We also went through the Cascades and saw all the snow covered peaks.  Portland was a nice little town.  Moreover, Oregon has no sales tax so it felt good not having to fund the liberal government in California. 

    My fiancee and I went to the Southern Oregon Coast in 2015 during the Fourth of July Weekend.  We drove up the coast from the border with California to Florence before heading back to Medford.  Along the way, we saw spectacular scenery as well as sampled great sea food including fresh oysters at a local oyster farm in Winchester Bay.  We also rode ATVs on the Oregon Dunes.  It was a fun trip overall.

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