Barbados, West Indies

Barbados is known for rum!  One must visit the oldest rum distillery in the world, Mount Gay, outside of the capital of Bridgetown.

This is Dover Beach on the Southern part of the island.  The water was a little rough.

I am pictured here by the beach at the Oceans 2 Resort on the Southern part of the island.  This area of the island faces the Atlantic Ocean.

Carlysle Bay near the capital has lots of sea turtles.  I was able to swim with them.

The west coast of the island is known for high end homes and hotels including the place where Tiger Woods got married.

The water on the west coast is very calm also.  This side faces the Caribbean Sea.

The Parliament building in Bridgetown looks very gothic.  Barbados is an independent country within the Commonwealth which recognizes the British Sovereign as their monarch.

The Morgan Lewis windmill was built in the 1800s, and it was used to extract sugar cane juice which is used to make the main ingredient in rum, molasses.

Bathsheba is a fishing village on the East coast of the island.  This side faces the Atlantic, and the surf is very rough.  Surfers love this place.

St. John's Parish Church is an old Anglican Church that looks like a castle.

President George Washington spent sometime in Barbados before the Revolutionary War.  This was the room he stayed in.
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    Barbados is a former British colony and independent nation within the Commonwealth of Nations in the tropical Atlantic.  This West Indies nation is a relatively small island which is known for beautiful beaches as well as rum!  Mount Gay is the oldest rum distillery in the world, and they produce some fine rums.  One must visit their tasting experience outside of Bridgetown, the capital city.  The capital city has a cool gothic style parliament building as well as colorful buildings.  The coastline varies from beaches with very rough surf on the east and south to the calmer beaches of the west coast.  The beaches are a beautiful white sand.  The island has many nice Anglican Churches.  Some of these churches are hundreds of years old.  The people are very friendly and hospitable to tourists.  "Yes, please" is a popular greeting.  They are a very polite people also.  My snorkeling experience in Carlysle Bay was really cool.

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