Asheville, NC

This is the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC.  It was built by George Vanderbilt.

I took that picture of the main house from this pavillion which is across from it.  The fountains were really cool to see.

This old Italian wellhead from 1529 was turned into a fountain in the sculpture garden.

Upon entry into the Biltmore House, one of the first rooms on the tour is the billiard's room.

Here is a sitting area in the house with the conservatory in the background.

The grand stair case was quite grand.  LOL.

This was the indoor pool at the house.

The Bass Pond on the property was really scenic.

The walled garden had lots of beautiful flowers.

My wife and I are enjoying the walled garden.
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    Asheville, NC is in western North Carolina close to the border with Tennessee.  This city is famous for the Biltmore Estate which was a large tract of land bought by George Vanderbilt and turned into a lavish and opulent country "house."  I say house, but this was close to the European palaces I have visited.  This massive house had a dining room which alone was 3,000 sq feet.  The Vanderbilts had seperate bedrooms too just like European royalty.  The indoor pool and private bowling alley was neat also.  The gardens are very beautiful as well.

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