Boston, Massachusetts

Museum of Science & Omni Theater

Bunker Hill
The Bunker Hill Monument at Night


Rest Stop On The Mass. Turnpike - Yummy Dunkin Donuts!
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    The city of Boston is the largest city in New England, and it is known for Boston Creme Pie, The Bruins hockey team, the Red Sox baseball team, & the Celtics basketball team in addition to the TV show, Cheers.  I have been to Boston a few times, and the most recent visit was in 2007.  Boston has a lot of historical landmarks such as the Bunker Hill monument.  Bunker Hill is where the first battle of the Revolutionary War occured in 1775.  We got there late at night after we toured Cambridge so we did not have much light to get a good picture.  When in Boston, you should try Papa Gino's Pizza, Friendly's Ice Cream (although you can get this on most of the East Coast), Dunkin Donuts (my favorite!), & D'Angelo's Sandwich Shop (also throughout New England).
    I really like New England.  The people are friendly, the weather is nice (I like snow!), and there is a lot of history to explore.  As the New Englanders say, it's "wicked" good.

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