Little Rock, AR

This is the skyline of the capital of Arkansas.

The Junction Bridge is an old bridge that was converted into a pedestrian bridge over the Arkansas River.

Across from the downtown area, the USS Razorback submarine is anchored.

The State Capitol of Arkansas is pretty impressive.  This is an old monument to the women of Confederacy.

Little Rock's Central High School was the scene of a showdown between the Governor of Arkansas at that time and the federal government after the SCOTUS ruled to desegregate schools.

This is an old gas pump at the historic Mobil station near Little Rock Central High School which was used by the media to report on events going on during the movement to integrate the high school with African Americans.

The Old Mill in North Little Rock is a replica of a working mill from around the 1800s in that area.
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    Little Rock, Arkansas is the capital city of that state.  Collin Raye made it famous with his song, "Little Rock," in the 1990s.  Just Kidding.  Unfortunately, a little known POTUS, Bill Clinton, probably put the city and the state on the map.  Today, Little Rock is a beautiful and vibrant city on the banks of the Arkansas River.  The State Capitol grounds are probably one of the most prettiest in the country and feature many monuments including two Confederate monuments, a monument to the War of 1812, and also sculptures to honor the "Little Rock 9," which were the African American students who enrolled in an all white high school after the SCOTUS ruled that segregation was illegal in the famous case, Brown vs the Board of Education (Topeka, KS).  The River Market downtown has some great places to grab a bite to eat, and the parks near the river are a relaxing way to explore the city.

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