Victoria, British Columbia

I am standing near the entrance to the famous Butchart Gardens near Victoria, BC.

The "Sunken Gardens" at Buchart Gardens are so beautiful!  It was my favorite part of the gardens.

Here is a fountain inside the "Sunken Gardens" at Buchart Gardens.

This is the Provincial Assembly in Victoria, BC.  Victoria is the capital of British Columbia.

This is the Bard & Banker, a Scottish Pub in Victoria.  I have been to Irish pubs, but this was my first "Scottish pub."  The waitresses wear greyish plaid kilts and are generally very hot!  I was very impressed with the girls in Canada overall.
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    After visiting British Columbia for the first time in 2011, I went back in 2012 to tour Victoria, which is the Capital City of British Columbia.  Victoria is located on Vancouver Island.  From Seattle, I took the Victoria Clipper, and it was about a 3 hour trip by boat to Victoria.  Upon arrival, I took a city tour and went to Butchart Gardens.  After I came back to Victoria, I hung out at a Scottish Pub called Bard and Banker.  The waitresses were really cute there!  Afterwards, I had some oysters and very fresh seared tuna at the Oyster Bar before departing for Seattle again.  Victoria is well worth a visit.

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