Arches National Park, UT

The "balanced rock" at Arches National Park looks like it can fall off at any moment.

The "delicate arch" is located behind my brother's head in this picture.  We had to hike up about a quarter mile to view it.

Here is an area known as the "windows" at Arches.  We got a freak rain storm that day too.

The "Dunes Arch" is located in a secluded cavern in the park.  It was probably my favorite rock formation in the park.
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    Bryce Canyon National Park is located in Southern Utah, and it is known for it's rock formations called "Hoo Doos."  The Hoo Doos are shown above in the picture.  Bryce Canyon is pretty secluded, and the accomodations are very rustic even at the nicest hotel in the area, Ruby's Inn.  We were very disappointed with the rooms and amenties at that hotel since we are spoiled because of my Diamond Status with Hilton Honors and get upgraded all the time to suites and deluxe rooms at any Hilton property.  There were no Hilton properties in Bryce Canyon.

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