Newport, Rhode Island

       Rhode Island
This is the Castlehill Lighthouse in Newport, RI.

Breakers Mansion

This is the Breaker's, a Newport Mansion that was once owned by the Vanderbilts.  These mansions are the closest examples of European style palaces in the US.
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    Newport, Rhode Island is known for the old Vanderbilt summer homes (mansions really) and also light houses.  In fact, most of New England is known for old lighthouses.  Newport is an island in the southern part of Rhode Island.  Rhode Island is the smallest state in the union, and the capital is Providence.  The Castlehill Light House above was built in 1890, and it is made of granite.  It is still an active lighthouse today. 

    The Breakers, which is shown below, is the largest of the Newport mansions.  Newport was home to many wealthy families during the summer back in the early 1900s.  These mansions are still standing today, and they are quite amazing. 

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