Dubai, UAE

The Dubai Airport (DXB) was large and really nice.  They had a lot of duty free shopping inside as well.  This mural at the airport tells about the history of aviation in Dubai, and it has a picture of the ruler.

This is the Burj Khalifa, which is the world's tallest building at 163 stories and 2,717 feet.  It was just an awesome site to see the building from the ground level and look up.

This is a picture of the Dubai Mall from the Lexus taxi cab that I was in.  The mall is supposed to be the largest in the world with an indoor ski area also.
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    I had a brief stop over in Dubai twice on my way to India in 2014.  Emirates Airlines is based in Dubai, and I flew them from Seattle to Kolkata (India) via DXB (Dubai Airport).  I had a six hour layover on the way to India so I did not leave the airport.  Emirates is a really good airline, and they even gave me a voucher to have dinner at the airport during my layover.  It was a nice break from the 14 hour flight from Seattle.  When I returned to the US from India, I had a 10 hour layover in Dubai so Emirates gave me a nice hotel room for the night.  I got a taxi tour of Dubai at night.  The Burj Khalifa was an amazing building to see up close.  I have seen the Sears (Willits) Tower and Empire State Building, but this building is so freaking tall!  The top was covered by clouds.  I also saw the Dubai Mall from the outside.  Dubai was such a clean city.  There was no grafitti, and there was no trash or liter on the roads.

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