Zagreb, Croatia

I am standing in front of a statue of a knight in Zagreb.  Zagreb is modeled a lot after Vienna since this part of Croatia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

This is the famous stone gate in Zagreb.  It is hundreds of years old.  There is a shrine to the Virgin Mary inside.

The main square in Zagreb is pictured above.  This place was always busy whether it was day or night.  There were lots of attractive women all over too!  Croatia has beautiful women!

This is the Zagreb Cathedral.  Most Croatians are Catholic.

St. Mark's Church is shown above.  I thought the tiles looked like Legos.  It was really neat to look at.  The Croatian Parliament Building is right next door also.
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    I went to visit Croatia in July of 2013.  Croatia was once a part of the former Yugoslavia, but they broke way in 1991.  After a bitter war with Serbia, Croatia was able to establish itself as an independent Republic in the Balkans.  In July of 2013, Croatia joined the EU also.  When I was there, the country still used the Kuna as their currency however.  Zagreb is the capital city in Croatia.  It is a nice mixture of really old, old, and new.  A lot of the architecture is similiar to what one would see in Vienna since Croatia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire before.

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