Trump & Resorts World (Wynn & Encore too)

One can get a nice view of Encore and Wynn from Resorts World which is across the street on Las Vegas Blvd.

In addition to the three hotels on site (Conrad, Hilton, & Crockfords), Resorts World has a nice shopping mall too.

Red Tail at Resorts World is an upscale sports bar where one can take in the big games.  Zouk owns it.

We rented out the couches for March Madness at Red Tail in 2022 and enjoyed the games from comfy seats.

We had to spend $2,500 minimum for those nice couches at Red Tail so we ordered a $90 sundae that came with the hostess waving sparklers!  LOL.

This sign pays tribute the iconic property Resorts World is built on!  My family used to go to the Stardust buffet a lot when we lived in Vegas in the 1990s!

My wife and I saw Katy Perry perform in her show Play at Resorts World in 2022.

Resorts World is owned by a Malaysian company so they have an Asian inspired food court.

The Alle Lounge at the top of Resorts World has great views of the strip.  The Trump is seen off in the distance here.

Here is a nice picture of the Trump International Hotel from the ground.  Its magnificient!

We had a three penthouse bedroom suite at the Trump to party for March Madness.  This is the aftermath after a night of fun!

The three bedroom suite at the Trump is amazing!  We had extra TVs set up for our March Madness trip!

High roller Anirban Roy in a Hummer Limo is back at the Trump after partying with his friends for St. Patrick's Day!

Back to RW.  Here is a picture of Resorts World from the Trump.

One must go to the Wynn Buffet in Vegas!  The food is great!
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    The center of the strip features the upscale Wynn and Encore properties as well as the new Resorts World which occupies where the iconic Stardust once stood.  The Trump International Hotel is in that area too, but the Trump has no casino.  Also, the Trump is set back a little from Las Vegas Blvd.  Resorts World is owned by an Asian company so they have a famous Asian inspired food court.  My wife and I saw Katy Perry perform there also.  The Resorts World complex has three Hilton properties including the Conrad, Las Vegas Hilton, and Crockfords.  The Encore and Wynn are across from RW.  The buffet at the Wynn is great!  The Trump has great penthouse suites for parties!

Last Updated:  January 31, 2023 8:56 PM