Salt Lake City & Park City, UT

Here is the Delta Center in Salt Lake City as taken from the roof top garden at the Convention Center of the LDS Church.

This is the Mormon Temple in Temple Square.

This is the impressive organ inside the Convention Center at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, UT.

Here is another view of the roof top garden at the LDS Convention Center.

This is a view of Park City's ski runs from my balcony at the hotel.  The snow was really bad that winter.

They have a mini Olympic Park right at the entrance to Park City to mark the city hosting some of the events of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

I did some Nordic Skiing in Park City on these groomed trails.

This is the US Olympic Team training facility in Park City.

The US Olympic Team training facility had lots of cool things to see.

The Park City Resort was nice.  There were some good restaurants there too.
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    Salt Lake City is the capital of the State of Utah.  The LDS Church is based out of Salt Lake City, and Temple Square is filled with church buildings, the convention center, and the Mormon Temple.  They offer free tours to visitors of the Church buildings including Beehive House.  Salt Lake City is also laid out in an interesting grid pattern as well.  This is very typical of other Mormon towns in Utah including Moab, UT.  The Mormons are very friendly people, and they are welcoming to the visitors also.

    In 2018, I returned to Salt Lake City when we visited Park City in January.  Park City is a short drive from Salt Lake City.  We decided to do some winter sports up there.  The 2002 Winter Olympic Games had some of the events there too.  The downtown area was quaint, and it reminded me of an old west town.  The Sundance Film Festival was a few days after we visited Park City so we saw all the preparations taking place.  Our resort was hosting some of the events so we saw how they created a temporary theater.

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