Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

This is the Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo.  This city goes back to around the 1500s!

This is a statue of Christobal Colon or Christopher Columbus.  He discovered the island of Hispaniola back in the 1400s!

I am looking out a window at the former home of Diego Colon.  He was the first Vice Roy of New Spain and the son of Christopher Columbus.

This is the oldest cathedral in the New World.  It was built in 1523.

Ozama Fort is the oldest fort in the New World also.  Spanish conquerers like Hernando Cortez used this as their base to go explore other lands in the New World.

The National Pantheon is a cemetary where the heros of the Dominican Republic are buried.

We stayed at the Embassy Suites which is the tallest building in Santo Domingo.  They had a nice roof top pool deck to cool off.
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    I went to visit the Dominican Republic in 2018.  The island of Hispaniola was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492.  He sailed under the Spanish flag so he conquered it for Spain.  Santo Domingo is the capital city of the Dominican Republic.  It was also the capital of New Spain.  Thus, there are lots of historic colonial buildings from the 1500s in the city still.  We saw the oldest cathedral and oldest fort in the New World there.

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