Nassau, The Bahamas

This is where all the cruise ships dock in Nassau.  Atlantis on Paradise Island is seen in the background.

Here is another picture of the inlet where the cruise ships dock.

This is a famous statue of Her Majesty Queen Victoria outside the Parliament Building in Nassau.

Nassau has lots of old Colonial style buildings.

This is a monument near Parliament Square in Nassau.
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    Nassau on the island of New Providence is the capital city of the Bahamas.  The Bahamas was a British Crown Colony until 1973.  Today, they are a part of the Commonwealth and recognize the British Monarch as their Chief of State.  The British Monarch appoints a Governor-General to represent her interests there.  They also have a Parliament with a Prime Minister who serves as the Head of Government.  I went to Nassau in 2012 on a cruise after Christmas with my family and friends.  The weather was a comfortable 80 degrees, and the water temperature was around 75-77 degrees.  I was able to kayak, snorkel, and swim in the ocean.  Nassau has an old colonial feel to it.  We partied the night away after spending the day in Nassau at a resort.

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