Salt Point Camping Trip

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    My friends and I went camping at Salt Point State Park in August of 2003 right after I returned from a business trip from LA.  One of my friends flew up with me from LA for this trip.  Salt Point is approximately 2 hours north of San Francisco on the Sonoma County Coast.  It is known for rock formations along the water as well as caves and caverns.  There is also ample wildlife including deer, seals, and more.  I braved the short hike down from the parking lot to the coastline to pose for this picture.  On the way back, we explored an old Russian fort built in the 1800s.  This was the 2nd time I went camping.  Both times were along the California coast during the summer.  I bought a really expensive sleeping bag that kept me warm in the tent, and surprisingly I slept fairly well for being in a tent.

    I don't think I would ever go camping again.  I am just not the outdoorsy kind of person that enjoys living out with the critters and bugs and stuff.

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