Macau, SAR of China

The Ruins of the Church of St. Paul is a major attraction in Macau.  It was built in the 1600s by the Portuguese.  In the 1800s, it was destroyed in a fire, but the front of the church survived.

The Grand Lisboa Casino is a modern icon in Macau.

This is the Cotai Strip where many casinoes have been built.  Cotai is a strip of land that was created by reclaiming the sea between the islands of Taipa and Coloane.

This is taken at the Macau Fortress.

This is the A-Ma Cultural Village in Coloane in Macau.

Here is a statue of the Taoist Goddess Kun-Iam in Macau.

The Macau Tower is visible in the distance in this photo.
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    Macau was a Portuguese colony until 1999 when it was handed over to China.  It is a special administrative region (SAR) of China.  Moreover, it is also the only area in China where gambling is legal.  Macau consists of a peninsula section on the mainland as well as a large island called Cotai that was created by joining the islands of Taipa and Coloane.  I would describe Macau as an upscale Vegas with historic attractions.  The minimum bets for gambling in Macau is much higher than Las Vegas.  It was around $300 HK ($38-40 US) when I was there.

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