Washington, DC

Here is a good picture of the US Capitol.  They were working on the dome when I was there.

This is a picture of the National Mall with the Washington Monument in the background.

This is a good picture of the Jefferson Memorial from the Potomac River.

Here is the Lincoln Memorial.

I took this picture of the White House from the POV Roof Top Bar at the W Hotel.
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    In 2016, I returned to Washington DC after many years for a short visit.  I had visited Washington, DC a few times when I was a little kid, but it was an awesome experience to see our nation's capital city once again as an adult.  There are so many great restaurants and cool nightlife in DC for adults.  I definately recommend a visit to our capital if someone has not been yet.  We have the most beautiful capital city in the world I think, and I have been all over the world including other capital cities too.  Paris is beautiful also, but I think Washington DC is just amazing!  The Cherry Blossoms in Spring are also worth seeing!

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