The Natural Bridge

Sunset Over The Caribbean Sea (view from the Sunset Sail we took)

California Lighthouse

Caribbean Food - shrimp cooked and served on a sizzling stone with dirty rice

Aruba is a desert island.

Our hotel was right on the beach!

The Caribbean is so nice!

Antilla Shipwreck - we took an underwater adventure tour in a partially submerged vessel.
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    Our 2nd best family vacation overall was to the island of Aruba in the Dutch Caribbean.  We went there in July of 2005, and it was just a fun island overall.  The humidity was a little bit more than we expected, but the trade winds were nice.  Aruba is a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  Behind me in this picture is the Natural Bridge on the East Coast of the island.  We rented a car, and it was pretty easy to drive around the island.  Our hotel was on the beach so we were able to take in plenty of sun as well.  In addition, we saw the California Light House, some nice rock formations, and also Arikok National Park (which is a desert wildlife preserve).  We had to do some pretty good off roading in Arikok in our Toyota Yuris (similiar to an Echo).  Moreover, we also went on a semi-submarine adventure and saw tropical fish, coral reefs, and also the sunken Antilla ship.  The last night, we took a sunset sail.  I also got a massage in a beachfront hut at the Spa Del Sol, which was at our hotel.  This was probably one of the best massages I ever got.

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