Central Valley of California

Harris Ranch on the I-5 between Sacramento and Los Angeles is a must stop for great steaks.

They are grilling up the meat outside as one walks in.

Harris Ranch is known for good quality meat.  They sell their meat to grocery stores also.

One might be wondering what is this!  LOL.  It is the "Streets of Bakersfield" as Dwight Yoakam sings about.  Yeah, it is nothing special, but the Central Valley towns are not that large or well off in general.

The Sun Dial Bridge at Turtle Bay in Redding is a work of art.  It is a glass bottom pedestrian bridge that crosses the Sacramento River.

This is the Shasta Dam just north of Redding which holds back Shasta Lake.  It is the 8th tallest dam in the US.
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    The Central Valley of California stretches a large area from around Bakersfield all the way up towards Redding in Northern California.  This stretch of fertile land is the breadbasket of California, and this area feeds a large amount of the people in the US.  The I-5 is the major highway that stretches the whole length of California from the Oregon border to Mexico, and it passes through many large central valley cities such as Sacramento and Stockton.

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