Panama City, Panama

The skyline of Panama City, Panama is quite modern, and the city has the third most skyscrapers in the Americas.

This is the oldest church in Panama.  It was built in 1673.  The church is located in Casa Antigua, which is the "Old Town."

The Amador Causeway was built out of all the rock and debris from the digging of the Panama Canal.  It connects three off shore islands to the city.  The Bridge of the Americas is in the background.

Here are some more skyscrapers in Panama City.  Panama City has a large banking industry.

We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria in Panama City.  It is the only Waldorf Astoria property in Latin America, and I hightly recommend it!

Here is a nice shot of Panama City at dusk.  The Trump International Hotel is the tallest building there.  It is the curvy building all the way towards the right of the picture.

The Seafood Market in Panama City was made famous by Anthony Bourdain on his show.  They have amazing ceviche there.
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    Joy and I went to visit Panama in May of 2017.  We had a direct flight from SFO to Tocuman International Airport near Panama City.  I highly recommend putting Panama on one's bucket list.  The city is quite modern with a beautiful skyline, but there is also natural beauty around with rainforests, hills, and the ocean as well.  Casa Antigua is also really cool!  It is the "Old Town" that was built around 1673!  Panama got rid of their military before the hand over of the Panama Canal to avoid the risk of military coups.  The city seemed pretty safe however with a large police force protecting it.  The food was amazing too!

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