My Fraternity Years Pictures

Chico          Ski          Sushi
(LEFT TO RIGHT)  St. Patrick's Day in Chico;  Lake Tahoe Ski Trip;  Brothers @ Sushi

C          ChiO          S
(LEFT TO RIGHT)  Exchange with Chi Omega Sorority; Kickin' It With Chi O's Soccer Tournament; Exchange with Sigma Alpha Sorority

S          SH          PN
(LEFT TO RIGHT)  Fun at Knotts Berry Farms During National Conclave; Community Service & Philanthrophic Efforts; Chilling At A Rush Event

1          AT          IT
(LEFT TO RIGHT) Anchor Splash 2000 with Delta Gamma Sorority; BBQ/Sports Night with Alpha Chi Omega Sorority; IFC Booth @ Picnic Day

MW          SP          B
(LEFT TO RIGHT) Summer Trip to Six Flags Marine World; Kegger (2000); Award Winning Greek Week Banner

W          T         A
(LEFT TO RIGHT) Rush Event @ Woodstock's Pizza; Panhellenic Council Progressive Dinner at TKE House; Picnic Day Event at AXO Sorority

    During my freshman year of college, I was a founding father in my fraternity.  Our fraternity was a social fraternity with a business and leadership emphasis.  From our initial group of seven founding fathers, we grew to a much larger organization.  In addition, we were accepted in the Interfraternity Council (IFC) at our school, and we got our first house during my junior year.  I served as Chapter President for four years.  The brothers trusted my leadership and judgement so I kept being re-elected to the post.  I also represented my fraternity at the IFC Meetings as well.  We had numerous exchanges, threw parties, and had lots of fun road trips.  Our Spring Fling 2K Kegger was the best part of that quarter among all the houses most likely.  Fraternity Life was the best part of college.

    I got a bid to join another house on campus also, but I thought it would be more rewarding to be a charter member in an organization so I decided to start up the chapter at UC Davis.  We had a pretty cool bunch of guys in our houses from all majors including engineering, economics, math, biology, computer science, political science, international relations, and even Japanese!  I was also nominated by my house to be inducted into the Order of Omega prior to my graduation from UC Davis.  Order of Omega is a honor society of members of the Greek system who had the minimum GPA requirements for membership.  It generally is for the top 3% of all Greeks in regards to their academic achievement.

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