Mocktail Party with Sigma Alpha Sorority

As President of Phi Beta Lambda, I am mingling with our guests including the President of Sigma Alpha Sorority (in the black dress).

Vice President of the fraternity, Gavin, is enjoying a beverage and the company as well.

The ladies of Sigma Alpha Sorority were very sweet!

The gentlemen of Phi Beta Lambda are pictured with two people who were rushing our house that night.

The ladies of Sigma Alpha were presented with flowers and candy since it was close to Valentine's Day from the brothers of Phi Beta Lambda.

We decided to do a funny pose group picture also!
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    We had a mocktail party with Sigma Alpha Sorority during Winter Quarter 2000 Rush at our house.  A mocktail party is a cocktail party with no alcohol.  Since it was a rush event, we could not have an alcohol.  Sigma Alpha is an agricultural based sorority.  UC Davis is a big agricultural sciences school.  Their members were cute, but they were also pretty down to earth.   Actives pictured are Gavin, Chris, Ben, Tom, and myself.  Jeremy and Colin are rushees.

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