Community Service & Philanthrophic Events

I am presiding over a meeting of our fraternity on campus during our 2nd year before we got our fraternity house to come up with a plan of action to help support the campaign of Mr. Laugenour.

We held an ice cream social at our fraternity house to raise money and awareness for March of Dimes, which is our national philanthrophy.

Christina is enjoying herself at the ice cream social along with a few others in the background.

As President of the fraternity, I am always the life of the party!

Well maybe Vice President Gavin was the life of the party that day as he was doing a "Flaming Dr. Pepper."  I wonder if March of Dimes would approve of our drinking games at a fundraiser :)

Brothers Ben, Bryan, and Justin are enjoying the ice cream social as well.
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    Service above self was one of the guiding principles of my fraternity, and we were active in the community.  During our 2nd year, we were asked by a local sheriff candidate to endorse his campaign as well as host a coffee for him.  Moreover, we actively campaigned for him since he had similiar values to a majority of our brothers.  Mr. Laugenour was very nice as well as to our house.  We were invited to his cool election night parties at his mansion in Woodland as well  as other fun events like a fundraiser on a train!

    Our national philanthrophy was March of Dimes, which is a great organization decided towards fighting birth defects in babies.  For March of Dimes, we hosted an ice cream social one year to raise money for them.  We invited the whole campus to our fraternity house for the event, and we especially promoted the event within the Greek System since the IFC and Panhellenic houses all supported each other's philanthrophic events.  Some of the members of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority were at our event and helped promote it too.

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