Spring Fling 2K Party

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    The fraternity threw an amazing party in 2000 called Spring Fling 2K.  Many of the fraternities were on probation that quarter, and they could not throw any parties.  As a result, I think we might have had the "raging kegger" for that quarter.  We even got cited by the UC Davis Police!  No fraternity parties are complete until the cops have to break it up!  We had a bunch of kegs and a ton of mixed alcohol for all the girls that were in attendance.  Moreover, we had a mean jungle juice too that was so STRONG!  We had a lot of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority girls (I remember one was really hot - I think she was one of the contestants for a dating game during Greek Week) at our party, and after the party was broken up, we moved it to the TKE house down the street from us.  The TKEs were another IFC fraternity at UC Davis.

    I am pouring me some of our house favorite, Killian's Irish Red, from one of the kegs in this picture.

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