Anchor Splash 2000 @ UC Davis

I am chilling with two of my fraternity brothers, Ben and Justin, here before the swimming competitions begin.

My fraternity brother Gavin and I are getting ready to take part in a race here.

The Delta Gamma girls are cheering on the "athletes."

We had to do a skit using a popular song at that time.  Our choice was to make a parody of "Oops I Did It Again" by Britney Spears.  Gavin is giving the "Titanic" jewel to "Britney" here.

In the end of our skit, Gavin falls in love with "Mandy Moore" instead of "Britney Spears."

I was a backup dancer in the skit.  LOL.

We are pictured here with our two coaches from Delta Gamma Sorority, Mara and Amy.

We are chilling with our Dee Gee (Delta Gamma) coaches here after the event.
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    Every spring, the Delta Gamma Sorority, hosts a philanthropic event called Anchor Splash to raise money for their charities.  Anchor Splash is a swimming competition among the IFC and Pan-Hellenic Greek Organizations on campus.  It was pretty fun.  Our two Delta Gamma Coaches, Amy & Mara, are pictured with us at the Hickey Pool (UCD).  We participated in various swimming races and also had to do a dance number that incorporated the pool.

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