Panhellenic Council Progressive Dinner

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    The Panhellenic Council is the association of all the traditional Greek sororities on campus.  In an effort to introduce the new members of all the sororities to the fraternity guys, they planned what was known as a "progressive dinner."  All the new girls were organized into smaller groups who went on to a different fraternity house for a different course during this "dinner."  The brothers figured that it would be a cool way to meet some of the new hot sorority girls so we decided to participate in it.  We were paired up with another fraternity called Tau Kappa Epislon or TKE.  The Panhellenic Council provided the food for the girls, and each fraternity had to pay for their part of the food.  To make it easy for the guys, the girls dropped off food that was pretty much already cooked so it was easy to make.  My fraternity and the TKEs were assigned to be a "main course" location so we had frozen Stouffer's lasagna for the girls.  LOL.  After the girls attended all of the locations for the "dinner," all of us met at the Sigma Chi House for dessert.  Sigma Chi had one of the largest houses on campus so it made totally sense to have the big gathering there.

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