BBQ/Sports Nite w/ The Ladies of AXO Sorority

I am mingling with some of the ladies of Alpha Chi Omega here.  Lisa (on the right) knew how to throw a football better than some of our brothers.

I have no clue what I am doing here.  There was no alcohol at this event since it was for rush, and IFC rules mandate that rush is dry.

The ladies of AXO are enjoying the BBQ and good conversation.

Jeff is enjoying his Coke, but I am sure he would rather enjoy a beer like the rest of us.  LOL.

Here is a group shot of some of the brothers, the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega, and some guys who were rushing our fraternity.
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    We had an exchange with Alpha Chi Omega Sorority during Spring Quarter of 1999 at the Community Park in Davis for our Spring Rush.  We had a BBQ, and then we played some sports with the sorority girls including flag football. 

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