Friends, Parties, & Events

P             L             Napa Wine Tasting           My Graduation
My 21st Birthday Parties             Luau Party in Davis                     Napa Wine Tasting Trip            My Graduation from UC Davis

Fourth Of July in SF             Santa Monica             Dinner            Evvia
4th Of July (2001) in SF             Friend's Graduation Party           Dinner Party @ My Place           Friend's Surprise Birthday Party @ Evvia Palo Alto

Tsunami             BBQ             GP             Picnic Day
Tsunami Benefit Dinner in SF      Labor Day BBQ (2005)             Golf Pros & Tennis Hos Party   Picnic Day (2006) with my buddies

Goose Dinner             Christmas08             MW             C
 2007 Christmas Party                  2008 Christmas Party                  Friend's Wedding                      Garth Brooks Concert in Las Vegas

J             S             C1             R
        Partying With Jim Beam Girls         Broomball with Friends at Work Meeting         Drinks With Friends On Catalina Island      The Three UC Davis Amigos On Picnic Day

F             A             B             S
Friends' Wedding @ Four Seasons Beverly Hills   Summer Fun @ Lake Arrowhead With Friends   Booth & Bottle Service Night   St. Patrick's Day in Davis

  UNR            CBS             B              V
Attending a UNR Football Tailgate Party With Friends    Friend's 40th Birthday Party @ CBS Studios    My Bachelor #2 Party Group    Friend's 40th Birthday at "Dive Bar"  

    I have lived throughout the US - growing up as a kid in Ohio & Pennsylvania and then maturing into a teenager in Texas, New Hampshire, & Nevada and becoming an adult in California.  As a result, I have met people from all over the country.  From the "wicked's" to the "y'alls," I have heard all of the local accents in this beautiful country of ours.  Moreover, I have met many great people and have had a lot of cool friends throughout the country.  Here are some of the pictures of my friends and some of the many parties we have thrown throughout the years.

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