Friend's Birthday Party @ Evvia Estiatorio (Palo Alto)

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    My friend Sam's girlfriend, Tu, threw him a surprise birthday party at Palo Alto's Evvia.  Evvia is one of the best Greek/Mediterrean restaurants in the Bay Area.  In this picture, we have just finished our meal, and I think we were waiting for the birthday cake to be served.  Sam is wearing the tie.  To fool him into going to the restaurant, my friends Wayne and Parmavir (a.k.a. PSD) who are also business partners with him on a software consulting venture told him they had a meeting with a new client that night so Sam dressed as if he was going to a business meeting.  The food at Evvia was awesome.  Their beef tenderloin souvlaki is the best!
Last Updated:  April 14, 2006 8:09 PM