Dinner Party @ My Old Vacaville Apartment

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    I threw a small housewarming/dinner party after I moved into my new luxury apartment in Vacaville in 2005.  After I got my current job with the pharmaceutical company, I moved from Walnut Creek to Vacaville to a 1 bedroom luxury apartment with den.  The nearly 1,000 sq feet apartment featured crown moulding, alarm, washer/dryer, and even an accent wall in the dining room.  My mother and brother were visiting so I thought it was a good time to invite some friends over for dinner.  In this picture, Jasmyn, John, and Gavin are pictured along with myself.  The others are all hiding somewhere else.  You can get a guided tour of my old Vacaville apartment online by clicking here.

Last Updated:  January 12, 2008 11:11 AM